Crosland is a company with more than 54 years operating in the Peruvian market, with an outstanding business background, solid experience in business generation and a first class work team.

In its history it has been able to adapt to the diverse changes in the economic policy and has transformed its businesses to face the new challenges. In the years it has operated in Peru, it has been a representative of foreign manufacturers, manufacturer of engineering products, importer of various equipment and various service provider. During its existence it has had as clients the State, companies and end users.

We have the knowledge and ability to be a promoter of infrastructure projects, particularly in the sectors of receptive tourism, transport and energy. Our creativity makes us different, with wide experience in project management, technology transfer and assimilation of knowledge.


  • Accediendo a mi Plataforma Personal VIVA Essalud


    Accediendo a mi Plataforma Personal VIVA Essalud

    En el mes de octubre se viene desarrollando el Taller VIVA Essalud en los diferentes locales del Grupo Crosland, cuyo objetivo es brindar a los trabajadores...

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  • Talleres de Salud Mental en Planta


    Talleres de Salud Mental en Planta

    En los meses de setiembre y octubre se llevó a cabo El taller “Cómo controlar la ansiedad y depresión en Tiempos de Covid 19” en los Almacenes de motocarros,...

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  • Talleres Crosland


    Talleres Crosland

    Como parte de nuestro programa de capacitación interna, se han desarrollado diversos talleres de aprendizaje, lo cuales fueron realizados por nuestros gerent...

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